Climate Literacy

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Earth is in a state of climate emergency. To turn this around, we need to become a climate literate society. Schools are ground zero for this effort.

Climate Lit is a resource hub for building young people’s climate literacy with literature, film, and stories in other media. Our mission is to promote universal climate literacy and climate literacy education as a means to transition to an ecological civilization.

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Sixth Extinction Carbon Dioxide Gorillas Hurricane María Drought Drawdown Green New Deal Carbon Architecture Pond Ecosystems Conservation Mountaintop Removal (MTR) Climate Apartheid Endangered Species Wildlife Trafficking Electrified Transportation Coquí Frogs Web of Life Ecosystems Extractivism Carbon Accounting Apocalypse Indigenous Environmental Practices Confined Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO) Ecotage Ecopoetry Coal Mining Mass Extinction Industrial Pollution Climate Haven Deforestation Coastal Erosion Ecocidal Market Economy Biospheric Inheritance Anthropodenial Gaia Place-Based Knowledge Berries Artificial Intelligence (AI) Mother Earth Biodiversity Loss Recycling Damaged Planet Permaculture Practices Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Volcanic Eruptions Climate Change Climate Refugees Climate Anxiety Energy Crisis Mythical Creatures Anthropocentrism Global Rich Ecological Overshoot Forest Bathing Pollinator Insects Ichthyologists Leave No Trace Ethic Asteroids Climate Action Environmental Justice Climate Ignorance Coral Bleaching Regenerative Agriculture Reforestation Solarpunk Degrowth School Strike for Climate Habitat Loss Bird Sanctuaries Great Pacific Garbage Patch Afrofuturism Wildflowers Natural History Community Garden Land Care Human Dominance Butterflies Extinction Gaia Theory Fractal Flourishing Agricultural Independence Degraded Land Green Spaces Forest Bathing Concept Nature Birding Climate Emergency Bioregions Coal Environmental Injustice Host Plant Specialization Big Oil NOAA Hydropower Ecocentric Urban Design Ancestral Knowledge Hurricane Regional Climates Racial Injustice Animal Cruelty Geothermal Power Societal Collapse Greta Thunberg Methane Rainforests Pachamama Carbon Budget Loons Oil Extraction Hoarding Keystone Species Hyenas Light Pollution Energy Justice Sustainable Development Green Revolution Spiders Global Warming Upcycling Piranhas Organic Farming Climate Grief Regenerative Economy Convenient Self-Delusions Nuts Planetary Health Commercial Fishing Human Enterprise Electrification Habitat Preservation Invasive Plant Species Regrowth BIPOC Protagonist Indigenous Epistemology Coral Reefs Ecocide Climate Justice Fantastic Solutionism Place-based Education Racial Justice Plastic Pollution Nearby Nature Ultra-rich Green Technology Biomimicry Colonization Haiku Rare Earth Metal Indigenous Land Care Youth Agency Ecomedia Flood Composting Interconnectedness Consumerism Net Zero Cities Trees Marine Conservation Solar Power Oil Spills Boardbook One Percent Sea Level Rise Industry Systemic Racism Fossil Fuels Ecological Collapse Food Deserts Youth-Led Climate Initiatives Sharks Ecocentrism Native Plants Carbon Cycle Climate Organizations Animal Elders Climate Guilt Species Richness Lions Sustainable Transportation Marine Pollution Control Goldilocks Planet Climate Skepticism Energy Transition Indigenous Worldview Climate Science Literacy Organic Gardening Nature Play Heat Waves Social media Deflection Green Living Animal Rights Digital Media Climate Literacy Education Wind Power Food Sovereignty Collective Action Pesticides Ice Ages Nature's Urgency Poverty Ecoanxiety Tigers Renewable Energy Greed Plant Life Cycle Ecofeminism Nature's Agency Carbon Emissions Book Banning Wealth Inequality Ecological Restoration Speciesism Early Childhood Climate Literacy Water Conservation Survival of the Richest Fracking Environmentalism Empathy Human Expansionism Nature's Voice FridaysforFuture Protection Ecosystems Balance Nature Immersion Animal Survival Strategies Food Waste Urban Garden Plant Needs Climate Literacy Just Recovery Animal Teachers Gratitude Regeneration Green Belt Movement Rebuilding Human Impact Rights of Nature Growthism Ecosystem Services Concept Books Nature Journaling Food Webs Litter Waste Technosplit Rewilding Hope Industrial Agriculture Critical Media Literacy Animism Half Earth Superstorms Hunter-Gatherers Foraging Slow Violence Ecophilia Materialist Reductionism Seasons Activism Zero Waste Neoliberalism Indigenous-led Climate Action Dystopia Solastalgia Birds Fruit Terraforming Industrial Aquaculture Marine Ecosystems Trophic Cascade Agriculture Logging Individual Action Ecofiction Bugs River Culture Wonder Permaculture Wilderness Local Food Vegetables Fantasy Fish Land Defenders Riverine Ecosystems Misinformation Campaigns Animals Planetarianism Palm Oil Industry Wetland Ecosystems Frogs Posthumanism Vegetarianism Multigenre Texts #NoDAPL Movement Anthropocene Kinship with Animals Quantum Entanglement Barnyard Friends Producerism Multimodal Texts #ownvoices Biodiversity Treaty People Gathering Racism Mammals Progress Nonfiction Picturebooks Water Protectors Biosphere Single-Use Plastic Predators Short-termism Youth Climate Activism Capitalism Wildlife Symbiosis Traffic Emissions Poetry Vitalism Clean-up Operations Whaling Zine Climate Adaptation Climate Change Denial Climate Change Education Climate Crisis Climate Emotions Climate Migration Climate Science Cultural Diversity Deep Space Earth's Aliveness Earth Care Earth System Ecological Civilization Embodiment Energy Environmental Degradation Environmental Destruction Environmental Law Extreme Weather Events Food Forests Gardening Greenhouse Gases Greenwashing Habitats Harvest Kiribati Land Ethic Limits Literature Livestock Mitigation Natural Disasters Natural Resources Nature Neanderthals Oceans Oil Participatory Action Research Pipelines Place-based Pedagogy Planetary Boundaries Plants Pollution Prehistory Resilience Reuse Scientific Investigation Seasonal Produce Singularity Species Soil Solutions Sustainability System Change Technofuturism Terminology Tipping Points Trash Urban Environments Visual Art War Camping Neolocalism Ecotopia CLICK Framework Ecophobia Deglobalization Just Transitions Holocene Utopia Ecological Design Intelligence Fast Fashion Keeling Curve Ecopedagogy Non-Human Personhood Earth Stewardship Jevons Paradox Pedagogical Models Development CCESD Framework Storytelling Medicine Naturalists Environmental Health Risks Environmental Awareness Science Fiction Ecological Footprint Evolution Afforestation Deep Time Commons