Climate Literacy in Education Journal

Climate Literacy in Education Journal is a pocket journal for climate literacy action-oriented content of up to 2000 words. If your piece is longer than 2000 words, please consider submitting it to a standard academic journal. 

Climate Literacy in Education Journal publishes both original writing and re-published content. We appreciate originality but with the focus on creating a hub of resources on climate literacy and children’s literature we also welcome relevant materials that were originally published elsewhere. No matter whether you are a seasoned teacher/scholar or a new writer/practitioner, we are looking for insightful, challenging, and innovative writing that engages with the challenge of building universal climate literacy using stories for young audiences.

The creation of Climate Literacy in Education has been approved by the University of Minnesota Libraries in March 2022. We are working on the initial issue and we expect to see the first issue of the journal to be published in fall 2022. For details, please check back later or contact us using the form below.

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