Series: AstroNuts

AstroNuts is a graphic novel science fantasy series narrated by planet Earth. AstroNuts are four superpowered mutant animals: AlphaWolf, SmartHawk, LaserShark, and StinkBug. They were designed on Earth’s behalf by NNASA (or Not-NASA) scientists in 1988, around the time when the world breached the safe level of 350 ppm of global warming. Now that “you humans [have] finally crossed BIG RED LINE by putting more than 400 ppm (parts per million) of CO2 (carbon dioxide) into my beautiful atmosphere,” Earth activates AstroNuts because the climate emergency is here. Human activity has put Earth in danger of being uninhabitable and AstroNuts are sent to find another Goldilocks Planet for humans to live. The series is written by Jon Scieszka and illustrated by Steven Weinberg.

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Overall Series Themes: Climate Change, Global Warming, Goldilocks Planet, Human Impact

Book 1 Main Themes: AnthropocentrismCarbon Emissions, Ecological Balance, Interconnectedness

Book 2 Main Themes: Activism, Climate Skepticism, Industry, Marine Pollution, Ultra-rich

Book 3 Main Themes: Collective Action, Planetarianism, Renewable EnergyYouth Climate Activism

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by Jon Scieszka

“So now it’s up to you to figure a way out. You can: a) Burn less fossil fuels or b) Find another planet with air and water and plants and animals, just like Me.”

by Jon Scieszka

“That’s it, Homo Sapiens—the hard and inescapable truth. I am your Perfect Planet. I will take care of you. But you have to take care of me”

by Jon Scieszka

“Even though the Water Planet did not turn out to be a good Goldilocks Planet, it did turn out to be a good lesson on how to take care of a planet.”