Series: If Animals Disappeared

Words from the author/illustrator Lily Williams:

“The If Animals Disappeared nonfiction picture book series is, at its core, a series about the trophic cascade. The books follow Simone, the visual narrator, as she investigates a different part of the world, highlighting keystone species and uncovering the harsh realities of the series impacts and what it would mean if that species disappeared. In each book, Simone meets up with a child local or native to the location setting of each book. We, as the readers, get to tag along and learn from the books’ kids as they experience their world.”

  1. If Sharks Disappeared (2017)
  2. If Polar Bear Disappeared (2018)
  3. If Elephants Disappeared (2019)
  4. If Bees Disappeared (2021)
  5. If Tigers Disappeared (2022)

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by Lily Williams

“From food to medicine to clothing, bees help keep our lives going.”

by Lily Williams

“This area, located in the Eastern Ghats, is a lushly populated home to animals that jump, pounce, stomp, and ROAR!”