Series: Sapiens: A Graphic History

“Sapiens: A Graphic History is an epic, radical adaptation of Yuval Noah Harari’s bestselling book into a graphic novel series; bursting with wit, humor, pop culture references and colourful illustrations. Harari (as co-writer) has teamed up with renowned comics artists, David Vandermeulen (co-writer) and Daniel Casanave (illustrator), to retell the story of humankind in a way that will captivate all adults and young adults – including those who don’t usually read science and history books.

In this series, a fictional Yuval invites us to take a ride on the wild side of history – accompanied by a whole host of globetrotting characters, like his niece Zoe; biologist Prof. Saraswati; the gritty Detective Lopez; and the original superhero, Dr. Fiction. Together, they cut through the noise of our information-deluged world, step back, and take a look at the really big picture: the entire history of the human species. At the heart of their explorations are a couple of niggling questions: how on Earth did an insignificant ape become the ruler of the planet, capable of splitting the atom, flying to the Moon, and manipulating the genetic code of life? And is it possible that we are all trapped inside the dreams of dead people?”


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by Yuval Noah Harari

“Homo Sapiens has grown so accustomed to being the only human species that it’s … eas[y] for us to imagine we’re the pinnacle of creation, separated from the rest of the animal kingdom by an unbridgeable chasm”