Series: The Unicorn Rescue Society

The Unicorn Rescue Society is a set of contemporary fantasy novels that follows two elementary-age children, Elliott Eisner and Uchenna Devereaux. Their teacher Professor Fauna introduces the children to the Unicorn Rescue Society and together they save mythical species from around the world. But! The billionaire Schmoke brothers wish to use these mythical creatures for their own selfish gains, making it difficult for the Unicorn Rescue Society to keep them safe from harm.

The Unicorn Rescue Society series provides many unique perspectives from around the world as the children travel from New Jersey to the Basque Country, Cuba, and more. The readers of this series are called upon to care for species endangerment and question the means of extractivist capitalism. Will you join the fight to save the mythical creatures of this world?

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by Adam Gidwitz

“Brand-new friend. Terrifying teacher. Mythical animal. Breaking and entering. First day at a new school.”

by Adam Gidwitz, Jesse Casey

“I believe that someday we will be able to undo all the damage the Schmoke brothers have done to the world and its creatures.”