Anthea is a campaigner who’s interested is in the connections between our inner lives and the world we create together. 

Over two decades, she has campaigned to shut down tax havens and stop banks fueling corruption and ecological destruction. She launched an award-winning campaign for transparency over who owns companies, which was taken up by many other organizations and has resulted in changes to the law in dozens of countries. Anthea has worked on the successful campaigns for an Arms Trade Treaty, and for the international ban on cluster bombs. She has worked for Global Witness, Amnesty International, and many other campaign groups. She dug up Parliament Square in guerilla gardening efforts, and was arrested with Extinction Rebellion. Yet, she is still trying to get a safe pedestrian crossing over the end of my old road. 

In her writing she explores what we can learn from how we do campaigning: how our inner lives are entangled in our work to change the world. She has been exploring this as an associate at Perspectiva, and in my book The Entangled Activist: Learning to recognise the master’s tools, to be published in spring 2021.

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