Topic: Marine Conservation

Marine Conservation

Marine conservation is the concern for and protection of species and ecosystems of the oceans and seas. Oceans and seas, as habitats rich in resources that have significant economic value, are vulnerable to human overexploitation, especially in the name of fishing. Marine conservation calls for the protection of these resource rich areas to protect vital resources from irreversible damage, impacting climate on a global scale.

Marine conservation is grounded in the planned management of resources to protect marine ecosystems. These management techniques limit and restrict human overuse and overharvesting of fish and other marine life. Many countries around the world have implemented laws and treaties to protect against overfishing by limiting quantities of catches. There are also technologies that work to target intended species while fishing and expel unintended marine species from catches. Restriction and educational measurements have also been implemented in tourist industries to move toward sustainable tourism.

Marine conservation is one of the world’s most imperative areas of climate change concern. When these ecosystems are threatened and potentially irreversibly changed, the impact on the Earth’s ecological health is detrimental. It is an ethical responsibility on both an individual and collective scale to protect the oceans and seas.

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by Cara Delevingne, Jane Goodall, Ricky Gervais, Taika Waititi

“This comic book is brave. It is like no other. It asks YOU, the reader, to don the tights, the capes, and go out and become the superheroes who will change our ecological crisis for the better.”

by Jess Keating

“Sharks were not mindless killers. Sharks were beautiful. Sharks were smart. They deserved to be studied, protected, and loved.”

by Kate Messner

“Over the pond, the wind gives us a push and stirs the light-dappled leaves on shore. There on a branch, a new goldfinch teeters, finally ready to fly. Under the pond, tadpoles are changing, learning to hop. They’re losing tails, growing legs, growing up.”

by Katherine Applegate

“Once, in times past, when the ancients lived, the ocean was filled with our kind”

by John Musker, Ron Clements

“I know who you are / Who you truly are”

by Soosh

“And from that day on, my classmates and I picked up any garbage we found on the shore so that Mermaid could return someday.”


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by Jason Chin

“With so many species living in such a small space, it’s no wonder coral reefs are called cities of the sea.”

by Jeff Orlowski, Larissa Rhodes

“Most people stare up into space with wonder. Yet, we have this almost alien world on our own planet just teeming with life. But it’s a world people almost never explore.”