Climate Lit provides workshops, trainings, and continuing education for teachers and community members. Check our events calendar and join our email list to stay current on upcoming opportunities. 

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Examples of past workshops

Programs in Earth Literacies Logo

Building Climate Literacy with Children’s Literature and Media

March - April 2022 (online)
In partnership with Programs in Earth Literacies

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Schools for the Planet: Toward Universal Climate Literacy with Children’s Literature and Media

May 2022 - Summer Intensive (in person)
In partnership with the Institute for Global Studies at the
University of Minnesota

Participant feedback

Cory, participant in Schools for the Planet:

“As a teacher of science in a high school setting, this summer school was an opportunity for me to engage with other individuals to walk through the process of framing ways that we will change the route that our current planet and peoples are taking. In order to change the route we need to change the logic of our people, youth and adults alike. Science is not enough. Literacy on its own is not enough. The blend of literacy and science through narrative and story can “open eyes” of all ages and walks of life to the concept that we can overcome. Universal climate literacy is paramount in understanding how to compel individuals to make those small changes that will benefit all and our planet. Children’s literature is a start, while branching into media for all will benefit those later. With this crisis in mind, this process of learning now should be in the forefront of our minds, so getting teachers and educators of all levels on board is very important. Through the process of hope, narrative, story, ecocentrism, planetarianism, and activism we can change the world.”

Brett, participant in Building Climate Literacy with Children’s Literature and Media:

“I thought I was taking this course to help my child become more climate literate, but this course made me realize that it is us adults who need to learn, to shift our understandings and to be way more intentional about the stories we tell and share about the world and our future.”